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Transformation Architecture

A successful transformation needs a clear and transparent architecture 

  • Clearly defined strategic framework for action (higher "need for change") 
  • Breaking down the process step by step to the lower levels for the development of the respective "needs for change" including the definition of responsibilities and commitments (goals, measures, etc.)
  • Encouragement of employees to clearly define their respective "need for change" 
  • Clear and explicit communication of the strategic scope for action for all affected employees 



Breaking down the approach step by step and continuously asking for feedback for a common understanding of the transformation project

  • Is the overall "need for change" really understood?
  • Have the right conclusions for the respective departments been drawn from that?
  • What are the results for the department-specific and overall measures? 
  • What does the "need for change" mean for every individual and for their management and working behaviour? 
  • Where and how is support necessary and needed?