Ready for new perspectives
The ability to learn is a skill

Martin Sonnert

Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing., Dipl. Bw.
Executive Board


"The time to start is when things are going well!”


After several years as a consultant I held different executive positions within international corporations. Here times of growth as well as restructuring had to be successfully managed. This continuous development became the significant driver for myself … regarding my own development but also relating to my areas of activity.

Therefore in April 2008 I joined Transformation Management AG. My focus areas are all topics around strategic alignment in particular concerning transformation, performance, succession and talent management. 


In my consultancy business I focus on the following topics:

  • How can strategic succession and talent management really be managed successfully? Why is it so difficult to establish a performance management within a company which is totally accepted by all?
  • How can new organizational structures – such as approaches like Holacracy, self organisation, networking, two parallel operating systems – be implemented comprehensibly and equally pragmatic, efficiently and effectively within encrusted structures?
  • How new joint patterns of learning, thinking and working within companies could be driven forward by themselves?
  • When do managers finally understand that they have to change themselves to be successful in the future?
  • How can companies ensure to really institutionalise joint thinking, common exploring and collaborative learning?