Ready for new perspectives
The willingness to learn is a choice

Stephan Laske

Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr.


„Only where there is enough space, things can move and develop!“ 

In my first "career" I was a professor in Management and Business Education Studies, at several Universities in Austria, Germany, Australia and Sweden. I was also responsible for numerous leadership positions in the University sector on a national and international level. I received the Austrian state award for University didactics. I have escaped several times as a consultant in business. Due to an early retirement in 2009 I have since been engaged as a board member at Transformation Management AG.

In my consultancy work I focus on the following questions:

  • How much truth can an organisation take? How much truth can managers take? Why does the truth remain unsaid so often? 
  • How can we design joyful and effective learning processes for managers and leaders? 
  • How can organisations use their resources more efficiently? 
  • Why do change processes fail so often and how can we avoid this? 
  • How can we design an appreciative and future oriented generation switch in family businesses?