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Ready for new perspectives

Advisory Board

The TMAG is setting up an Advisory Board. This acts as a critical advisor, source of inspiration and supporter.
Its members contribute their many years of experience and perspectives. In this way, it helps us as TMAG to reflect on our "area of influence" and promotes our openness to new developments with ideas.
The Advisory Board comprises up to 5 members. The work on the board is voluntary.


DI Reinhard Panrok

After several years in a management position at the then largest German insurance company, I became self-employed and founded a management consultancy. I ran this successfully for almost 30 years until I decided to sell my shares. Today, I am on the Advisory Board of Transformation Management AG and look forward to actively contributing my many years of experience.

My experience profile includes

  • the development of internal and external methods (especially in the field of business process management, business continuity management, analysis and comparative evaluation of companies and corporate instruments)
  • the development of internal and external corporate strategies
  • Active participation in international projects of different tasks and sizes in various sectors (insurance, leasing, opinion research, industry).

My roles in projects were part/project manager, analyst, senior consultant, business architect, coach, controller, etc..


Prof. i. R. Dr. Stephan Laske

My motto: "Only where there is space can something move."

Professional movements: University professor of business administration until retirement. Parallel to this and afterwards co-editor of professional journals. After retirement: Scientific advisory board and board member of TMAG. Recently failed with the foundation and publication of the business magazine "Netzwerk Tirol" also at Corona.

Geographical movements: Across Europe; beyond to the other end of the world and back again.

Movements in the head: hopefully for a while.