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Ready for new perspectives
Empowering development is shaping future successes

Angela Feigl

Mag. rer. soc. oec. & DEA (research masters)
Senior Consultant

„If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room!“

In my early studies I got inspired to help people to learn with joy, to experience new things and broaden their horizon. My focus on systems theory and behavioral management was the spark that lit my way. This is the vision I carried with me for the past 20+ years, travelling many times around the world, to help organizations (and people) to foster empowerment, skill and competency development, to lead positive and successful transformation initiatives. I keep saying that the talent function has to follow a holistic approach: from hiring to strategic business model transformation initiatives it is what can and should support every business function in the organization to be successful.

As a leadership coach and trainer as well as instructional design architect I have specialized in learning technologies and experience based learning: so that learning is not another „to do“ but seamlessly, playfully, positively integrates in the workflow and creates sustainable measurable output.

I am particularly passionate about:

  • Helping to improve communication and collaboration of up to 5 generations in the workforce by fostering emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Easing the transition to find the „new way of work“ by developing adaptability and resilience across the organization
  • Combining sense and fun in every process – because when people like what they do they are good at it – and vice versa!
  • Showing on how magical learning technologies can be to support a learning on demand and knowledge sharing approach
  • Assisting organizations of any shape and size to become a learning organization and successfully implementing tools such as working out loud and workflow learning