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Ready for new perspectives
Live your dreams, not your fears

Ann-Kathrin Nowottnick

Bachelor of Arts


'Don't wait for success, cause it. (Arthur Lassen)'


I have been living in Innsbruck since October 2019, where I started the master program "Organization Studies" at the University of Innsbruck which is held in English. Before that, I worked for four years in the corporate customer consulting department of a regional savings bank near Stuttgart. In this field, I did my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the dual University of Applied Sciences Baden-Württemberg in 2011-2014. During this time, I had the opportunity to get to know a wide range of companies in various industries. On the one hand from a numerical perspective (financial statements) and on the other hand from a human side (representatives of the companies). The various forms of organization but also different approaches to projects fascinated me every time when a new project started. This was one of the reasons why I wanted to dive deeper into theories and methods in the field of reflexive organizational competence through the unique courses of the program "Organization Studies". Through the interdisciplinary and social science courses added with the international composition of my fellow students, I was able to expand my openness and curiosity towards foreign ways of thinking and living. Between my bachelor's degree and my permanent position in the savings bank, I lived in Dublin for one year and deepened my English language skills there.

As a working student I am currently the "youngest" member of TMAG. Besides completing my master's thesis, I am now gathering new impressions, experiences and learning moments in a consulting company. In particular, I am looking forward to being able to work on complex organizational contexts from a new perspective. Through jointly analyse, design and reflect on projects that are centrally aligned with the needs of the customers, I would like to celebrate the successes together with TMAG instead of waiting for them. Even my first steps at TMAG have confirmed to me how meaningful, creative and instructive the duality of study and work practice is. Especially when I can have the opportunity to follow this path together with experienced and supportive colleagues.