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Ready for new perspectives
Live your dreams, not your fears

Gabriela Bodner

Member of Executive Board


"Stay true to yourself and don't get bent!"


After having started my career as a saleswoman in retail, I switched to the banking industry and completed a training as a bank specialist.

While always watching out for new and exciting challenges, in 2002, I was lucky to come across the TMAG (back then Transformation Consulting Group) and got my first taste of "consulting air".

Fascinated by what can be achieved with people and in organizations, I decided to delve deeper into the topic of consulting. Thus, I completed a part-time degree in academic human resources and organizational development at the University of Innsbruck thereby adding a systemic perspective to my business knowledge.

Subsequently, I acquired skills as a systemic business coach, mindfulness trainer and alternative practitioner.

An another exciting step in my professional career with new tasks and challenges, followed as I entered the management of Transformation Management GmbH in August 2019. 

In my consulting work, I mainly deal with the following questions:

  • How can I meaningfully lead a heterogeneous group of employees without restricting the individuality of each person?
  • How to create an agile team dynamic that allows for innovative and creative impulses and contributes to the further development of all participants?
  • What really makes high-performance teams and how can teams develop towards this?
  • What atmosphere is needed to rethink and reshape entrenched patterns of thinking and behaviour?