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Ready for new perspectives
I prefer to remember the future

Melissa Köhler

Bachelor of Arts

Working Student


‘The reflective man changes his/her mind’ – Friedrich Nietzsche (free translation)


To regularly pause for a moment, looking back and ahead, reflect and decide again – that sums up my career path so far quite aptly. Changing one’s own opinion is easier said than done but often leads to great, unexpected opportunities.

After completing my dual bachelor studies in business administration, I decided to deepen my professional experience in HR within a dynamic corporate environment. In the context of an Agile IT transformation, I critically questioned the role, methods, and tools of HR – and therewith especially my own way of doing as an HR Manager – that was fun! Consequently, the master program ‘Organization Studies’ at the University of Innsbruck and a semester abroad at the Stockholm Business School matched perfectly in order to continue reflecting upon organizational life and management practice. Additionally, in the last two years, I have gained experience in a large scale international enterprise as a working student in the are global digital transition. Since October 2019 I am part of TMAG and can share my acquired knowledge and most importantly: learn a lot!

Topics I am currently interested in:

  • Organizational heterotopias: when large scale bureaucratic enterprises in search for ‘otherness’ create room for post-bureaucratic ideas
  • Looking from different angles at several management trends such as ‘Agile Organizations’, ‘Working Out Loud’ or new leadership concepts. What are observable effects besides the rhetorical claims?  Which ethical questions might arise?
  • Digital learning formats: how can new learning methods support corporations in change projects?
  • In TMAG’s consultancy projects: listening, thinking and learning.