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Rudolf F. Binderlehner

MBA, akad. Business Manager

Senior Consultant


'Great Leaders are toughtful and conscious, not impulsive and reactiv'


Already in my first professional years, I was able to experience leadership through 2 managing directors, who promoted me early and supported my person in my professional development. The creative work of a manager as well as the dynamics and success of change projects in companies aroused in me the curiosity to take responsibility and to develop in these areas of focus.

During my career I expanded my competences at the University of Klagenfurt, in the areas of organisation, personnel and management development as part of my university education. One focus was on change and transformation management as well as access to the systemic perspective for addressing future challenges in a dynamic, agile and globalized environment.

Equipped with this experience, I moved as a consultant to the the Transformation Consulting Group, where I was able to apply this knowledge in projects as well as deepen and further develop it. This activity resulted in a permanent position at a medium-sized company, whereby in twelve years the operational know-how has been further expanded by the strategic realignment, the management activity, the dynamic organizational development as well as the successful placement of a start-up on the European market.

As a "homecomer" to the now Transformation Management AG, I am very pleased to support our international customers in their challenges. Together, with commitment to the cause and trust in cooperation, it is important to work together on the best solution.


In my consulting activity, I´ll work on the following questions:

  • How can change projects in a dynamic and system-preserving organization be implemented sustainably in order to ensure the desired success?
  • How must learning processes in organizations be designed to provide content anywhere, at any time and for the specific requirement, in order to enable employees to learn and develop in the best possible way?
  • Identifying, leading and promoting the best talent is a constant challenge for executives. What ideas does the company need to retain employees in the long term in order to be able to draw on the required talent if necessary?
  • What framework conditions do large organisations have to offer young talents in order to stand up to hip and young start-ups in the labour market – keywords: flexible workplace, working hours, work-life balance, dealing with control-ridder managers with these loose structures?
  • How can you best support those leaders who have an organization's understanding as a "machine", sharpen their perspective and acquire leadership qualities for complex and dynamic environments?
  • How can change leaders deal with criticism, fears and resistance to change in the systemic hierachy in the best possible way in transformation processes in companies and convey the vision of the future in a comprehensible way?