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Ready for new perspectives
Self-education is lifelong curiosity

Svenja Köhn


„If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got“ (Henry Ford)

In October 2019, I began my new academic Learning Journey in the master's program in Organization Studies, which would set in motion a transformation unlike anything I expected at the time. Locally, the first step of this journey carried me into the heart of Tyrol, its capital city Innsbruck. Spurred by a beautiful learning environment and inspiring fellow students I delved into new perspectives of ‚understanding business‘. Before, I laid the foundation for the master’s program with successfully passing my bachelor’s degree in Business Adminstration at the University of Regensburg, which I pursued after having been employed abroad for some time. My first contact with management and entrepreneuership are traceable to the catering industry – and as small as the corporate strength of some catering businesses may seem, I quickly comprehended that complexities can already arise and be challenging when there are more than two persons interacting. It were those challenges that I had to face in my position as deputy manager in a bar and I learnt a lot about forming, leading, and motivating a reliable team, and the area of adminstrative task fulfillment also fell into my learning objectives. Then a tramendous opportunity knocked on my door that I coundn’t refuse – I signed a contract for a job in the service field on the other side of the globe, more precisely in Cape Town, South Africa.

What drives and describes me best is my deep fascination for diversity, intricacy, and the as yet unknown. Inner growth evovles from encountering life and consequently I always alertly and attentively survey, observe and reflect my surroundings and listen actively and intrigued. Mindfulness and vigiliance are my steady companions and tools. Studying „Organization Studies“ allows me a look behind the scenes, immersing in a world understanding based on the principles of change and transformation and explains whereof gridlocks and rigidity evelove – and simultaneously provides me with places of thoughts for finding solutions.

Currently, I’m on the home stretch toward successfully finishing my master’s degree and receive  the culminating chance to transform and apply work experience joint with academic knowledge in practice as working student with the TMAG. I’m curiously looking forward to the coming phase of learning and personal growth alongside experienced experts who can rely on a broad knowledge pool and long-standing consulting experience. Under this guidance I look forward in suspense to the projects to which I may contribute and thereby learn the tool set of consulting in the process. My first week with the new team has already passed and I easily conclude: That’s how it can continue! At a high level of pace, intensity, and with a big portion of creativity we design, conceptualize, and tailor solutions for our customers – always keeping an eye – or more precisely 12 eyes – on our defined target to assist, guide, and accompany our customer’s change journey thoroughly. And I already realize excitedly that there is still a lot to learn and therefore, I inquisitivly look foward to continuing my Learning and Growth Journey.