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Extended Team

Alexandra Ruhfass

Growing up in a family-owned company her curiosity and interest in the history, the organizational cutlure and the lived values evolved very early in her work.

She belives in the self-renewal power of organizations that are right within the process of changing, always keeps an eye on the overall corporate context and puts people at the centre of her work.

She has been following her direction with systemic personnel and organizational development for almost 20 years now and thereby gathered experiences in diverse positions in organizations ranging from medium-sized to large corporations and for more than 9 years now also as an independent consultant, trainer, coach and mediator.

As trained social scientist her systemic journey began and was intensified through vairous and additional educaltional trainings as e.g. systemic organizational consultant and certified systemic coach under the direction of Dr. med. Univ. Prof. Fritz B. Simon und Prof. Dr. König/Dr. Volmer. Futhermore, she became a certified business mediator, learned and trained in group dynamics and experiental education, the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM) with Dr. Maja Storch and agil forms of working, like e.g. Design Thinking among others. Adding to her consulting activities she works as an assistant professor in the field of personnel (Human Resource) and organizational development at different universities.

Michael Kleinhagauer

Michael Kleinhagauer has many years of management experience as a board member or managing director in globally operating large companies, as well as family businesses, he was internationally active for over 15 years in various management functions in large global corporations.

His experience ranges from the development of corporate strategies and the establishment of new business areas to the business transformation of companies, as well as restructuring tasks or crisis management in globally operating technology companies. In the field of Service Excellence he can draw on a very broad and long-standing experience - his personal expertise ranges from the development of new business areas, to increasing efficiency, to optimizing customer orientation.
This broad experience of management tasks and the accompaniment of the corresponding transformation form a solid building block of any change project - and thus ensure a stable transformation process.

... not only talks about change, but has experienced it himself!

A wrong step while hiking becomes Sebastian Wächter's fate. He falls and breaks his neck. Diagnosis: Paraplegia. 95 percent of his muscles are affected. Thus at the age of 18 years his personal radical change process begins.

This happened in 2007 - do you want to read on?

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Jennifer Ruhfus (BSc.; MSc.)

comes from a very international background. She was born and partly raised in the US, finished school in Germany, graduated with honor in International Business from the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, and the University of New South Wales, Australia, and finished her post-graduation in Organization Studies from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Next to her academic education she gathered fruitful work experiences in different fields. Her hobbies – team sports, mountaineering, and the outdoors – have led her to the world of consulting and training: five years as an independent process trainer in the outdoor field started her career. This experience, her academic background, her open-mindedness and her professional engagement were the perfect foundation for a consulting career at the Transformation Management GmbH. For two years as part of the core team she was able to work in numerous projects in Leadership, Talent Management and Outdoor Trainings while also driving the organizational development of the company. Now she is still a part of our extended team and supports us in diverse projects.


Stefan Hebecker

After finishing his degree in Economic Mathematics, Stefan Hebecker worked as a Senior Consultant at Arthur Andersen for energy supply companies and in the mineral oil industry. For more than 20 years he has had numerous leadership positions in Human Resources Management. Most recently he was responsible for the region of Germany/Austria/Switzerland as the director of Human Resources Management in one of the largest organisations of the mineral oil industry. In addition he was part of several supervisory boards.  

Along side the operational management of the HR department, following focus topics in strategic HR were part of his occupation:  

  • Talent and Succession Management
  • Performance Management
  • HR Organisational Development
  • Transformation and Reorganisation Projects

The close collaboration with the different organisational departments and their heads have always lead to practical and feasible solutions, which have further developed but not overstrained the organisation.



Dr. Monika Picker

PCC (Professional Certified Coach) 

With 20 years of international experience and having worked with top executives Monika Pickers truly not only knows the topics - constant change, self-management and goal-oriented development of potentials - but is also familiar with the everyday life of Expats from first hand experience. Her professional backbone is strengthened by University degrees in Jurisdiction and Socio-Cultural Management. 


Herbert Taxer

Herbert supports us as a passionate professional mountain guide in almost all outdoor trainings - demanding and deliberate at the same time. Always with a smile on this lips and characterised with a lot of experience he is able to encourage participants, not only to think about nature, but also to reflect upon oneself.