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Barrierefrei im Kopf

Sebastian Wächter not only talks about Change, but has experienced it himself


A wrong step while hiking becomes Sebastian Wächter's fate. He falls and breaks his neck. Diagnosis: Paraplegia. 95 percent of his muscles are affected. Thus at the age of 18 years his personal radical change process begins.


This happened in 2007 and today Sebastian Wächter can claim that he has successfully mastered this process. He is a Bundesliga player in wheelchair rugby, completed his studies in business mathematics with a master's degree and worked as a stock analyst for many years. However, he achieved his greatest goal eight years after the fall: instead of accepting to be a nursing case for the rest of his life, he managed to lead an independent life again through hard training.


In the meantime, the Wuerzburg native supports companies as a speaker, consultant and coach in managing their change projects. His clients include well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations.


Now he is part of the TMAG team and is happy to help you, too. He combines his knowledge as an equity analyst with the experience gained from his paraplegia to skilfully build a bridge to the corporate context - always with a wink. The goal is to create accessibility in the minds of his listeners. This is where change begins - only then can change lead to progress.


His new book is "Change Mindset - Getting Change Processes Rolling".


Click here to visit his website