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Ready for new perspectives
The willingness to learn is a choice

Mathias Grün

Principal Consultant


The path slides under the feet of the walker - (Martin Walser).


Since 1991 I support people and organizations in their growth. This is my mission - whether in my role as instructor, trainer, conflict consultant, organizational developer, coach or manager.

Before joining TMAG, I had been working as Head of Human Resources and Cultural Development at a large public corporation for many years. Therefore, I am also familiar with the challenges of day-to-day leadership and strategy development. With the experiences I made I am able to consult executives  at eye level.

Empathy, acceptance, openness and sometimes "holding up the mirror" are indispensable ingredients in my consulting work.

At the moment I am mainly focusing on the following questions:

  • Which attitude and behavior of managers is necessary in order to contribute to the success of the organisation within a fast changing work environment?
  • How can organisational and personnel development be linked to influence corporate culture?
  • Which architectures to enhance change are needed? How can learning processes be designed to fit this architecture?
  • Which impact do cooperation and collaboration have within teams and cross-functional?