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Ready for new perspectives
Do it or don't do it - there is no such thing as trying


Fighting for the best solution – especially now!!

For about a week now, VUCA and Dynaxity have been a prominent part of our lives. We are all finding ourselves in an unprecedented world. When we take a close look around, we currently recognize many behavioural patterns, textbook-like reflexes indeed.

In many places, uncertainty, helplessness and loss of orientation lead to

  • isolation (every country fights for themselves),
  • repeatedly underlying accusations (it is all China’s fault),
  • escaping to alleged experts (virologists give us social and political advice).

At the same time, we attempt to hold society together (e.g. on March 22nd the Austrian police drove through the streets of Vienna playing the “Geheimhymne: I am from Austria!” from Reinhard Fendrich over the loudspeaker). There are also very positive unexpected initiatives which surprised us. Sudden balcony-concerts, support initiatives across countries (doctors from Cuba fly to Italy to help), spontaneous uncomplicated help among neighbors etc. express a new way of managing this entirely new situation.  

After the first initial shock we have all now switched to a crisis mode and try to do all that’s necessary to somehow keep the areas that we are responsible for above water. This is important, good and the right thing to do.

We can and must assume that our future after this experience will never and could never be the same again. But we also know that subconsciously we will do anything in our power to try to attain the old balance back.

As suddenly as we were ripped out of our daily work routine, we also must reorganize ourselves somehow. This is a big opportunity for everyone. A once in a lifetime chance to innovate our previous basic patterns of collaboration. Is this maybe our window of opportunity to newly align our learning and development culture for the future? This is, just like this crisis, unique.

We want to use this possibility and would like to invite you to actively use this opportunity together with us.  

How could we do this together?

We want to learn together with you, we want to try out new things with you and therefore offer you our expertise on leadership and learning culture development.  

Goal: We want to use this system irritation induced by the virus to consciously create new behavioral patterns that can lift the quality of our collaboration onto a whole new level. There is no one best solution for this development path but we know that when we put our heads and minds together, we can find just the right way. We will learn together.

Your Benefit: You get to work with TMAG experts in our approved quality and sustainably push yourself, your department, your team in the right direction.


Are you with us? We are looking forward to hear from you.

If we caught your attention or you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


Switzerland: +41 71 280 17 77

Germany: +49 89 51 51 38 39


Let’s give this crisis a real purpose!