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The Digital Learning Journey just started!

We took advantage of the current situation with Lock Down and Home Office and shifted our programs into the virtual world.

The Digital Learning Journey is a purely virtual learning journey for 30 participants at one of our clients.

It was a great start - we were very happy about the positive feedback from the participants!

Reflecting the Digital Learning Session: Keyword at the end

Even with a larger number of participants, virtual learning formats can be professionally designed and we can still integrate experiential learning, which is an essential element in our programs.

The slightly higher planning and coordination effort compared to face-to-face events has paid off for the well-functioning and inspiring (to put it in the words of the participants) implementation.

We are convinced that an intelligent mixture of face-to-face and remote workshops will increase the quality of our LEAVOR (Learning Adventure for Business Excellence) programs in the future.

Our toolbox has been significantly expanded!