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The portfolio of Transformation Management AG reflects knowledge, expert and methodological competence, as well as the wide professional experience of the team. The portfolio primarily covers the following topics and key questions:

Leadership Development: How do we determine the maturity level of our managers in a way that results are reliable and accepted by the parties concerned ? How are effective learning and development concepts designed? How can we shape learning processes with mind, body and emotions in order to support enthusiasm for learning?

Transformation Management: How do organisations fundamentally align their change processes? How do they design their „internal“ architecture of transformation and which approach promises a successful implementation?

Strategic Succession and Talent Management: What does a strategic Leadership Impact Model for key positions look like? How can we effectively measure and assess the risks in succession processes? What consequences can be drawn for strategic Talent Management?

Human Resources Management: How can HR become a key partner for management and business? How can HR ensure and communicate a professional service? What can HR do to act as an innovation driver in the organisation?


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