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Ready for new perspectives
I prefer to remember the future

Johanna Widmann

Student employee


"You are never done learning.”


During my bachelor studies of economics and business management I got insights in various companies. That and being a working student in Bangkok triggered my interest in different working styles and ways of thinking and communicating. Therefore, I decided to study the international master in ‘organization studies’ in Innsbruck. There I learn to connect complex organizational relationships and to observe them from different perspectives. The focus lies in reflection and openness to different thinking and working styles. I know from my experience in the mountains that there is not only one way to one goal. Rather they depend on external facts, the trust in your partner, the own and the partners’ ability and a realistic self-estimation and open communication. Constant reflection and joint evaluation about the already performed and coming way are important to stay safe and find, if necessary, the right moment to retreat or find another way. These factors are also essential to be successful in business. The TMAG brings this theory into practice and I’m happy to actively support them and to contribute my knowledge. Further, is see my work with TMAG as great chance to learn consulting from the peak. 


I am especially interested in the following questions:

  • How to internalize a learning culture and thinking patterns, where reflection and constant development is an essential part of the process?
  • Which tools and methods do managers need to sustainably develop as individuals and as a group?
  • How to create a learning-atmosphere, which collects everyone to jointly develop?
  • How to get people to recognize that the current thinking- and action-patterns often need to be broken and how do you sustainably change them?
  • How to create a useful and effective succession- & talent-management to sustainably ensure the company’s success and therefore the talents? 
  • How can companies individually identify talents and support them?

Together with the TMAG I am looking forward to finding the answers to these questions.

As well I’m very curious about our effects and impact on the businesses.